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Company Background

Project Net delivers information technology and management services to a broad range of organisations across the public and private sectors. Over the past ten years Project Net has developed expertise in information and communications technology in a broad range of healthcare settings, large and small, publicly and privately funded and including acute, primary and community health, allied health and General Practice. Project Net has a particular interest in case management systems and in systems that span the acute and primary care sectors such as electronic referral and shared care systems.

Director of Project Net Pty Ltd

The director of Project Net have extensive expertise and experience in the areas of Internet systems, IT service and support, management consulting and project management.

Marcus Frood, Projects Director of Project Net, has been involved in project management for the past 15 years. Marcus manages all client accounts and and is regularly contracted as a project management advisor to public and private corporations. Marcus lectures in project management at several Victorian universities, and provides industry training programs in the subject.


  • 1995 - Marcus Frood - Nominated by RMIT University for Queens Trust Young Achiever of the year award
  • 1998 - Project Net was a part of a team which won the Government Technology Productivity Gold Award for training services provided to the Department of Treasury and Finance for the all of government implementation of the "Data Exchange Facility Project"



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