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The Company specialises in IT analysis, planning and project management within the Victorian health sector.

Project Net has technical expertise in information systems, networking and project management, as well as experience in the development and documentation of business processes, change management and plan development for a variety of clients in healthcare and other industries.

Current and recent contracts have been with:

  • St. Vincent’s Health
  • Southern Health
  • Melbourne Health
  • Western Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Essendon Private Hospital
  • Mountain District Private Hospital
  • Malvern Private Hospital
  • Inner South Community Health Service
  • Western Region Community Health Service
  • North Richmond Community Health Service
  • Doutta Galla Community Health Centre
  • Moreland Community Health Centre
  • Bayside Community Options
  • Monash University – Royal College of Pharmacy
  • Swinburne University



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